Jenevieve’s “Baby Powder” Is Bittersweet

There aren't many songs that make me want to melt into the floor. But "Baby Powder" by 22-year-old chanteuse Jenevieve makes me want to believe I could dive into the puddle of sunlight shimmering in my living room. The delayed countdown akin to Pharrell revs us up for some earnest, pearly keyboard plucks and a … Continue reading Jenevieve’s “Baby Powder” Is Bittersweet

Revolutionary Sympathy: Arlo Parks

When Arlo Parks declared herself part of the "Super Sad Generation" last year, it wasn't hyperbolic or simplistic. And now, As the Class of 2020 virtually graduates and thousands are hit with chemical weapons and rubber bullets, the title track from her debut EP resonates harder, even feels prophetic. The 19-year-old Londoner has seen many … Continue reading Revolutionary Sympathy: Arlo Parks

Drab City – “Troubled Girl”

There was already a bit of mystery around producer Chris Dexter Greenspan aka oOoOO, a pioneer of witch house with initial releases on the late Tri Angle Records, and collaborator Islamiq Grrrls, the Bosnian-Muslim singer/producer who has in the past only gone by the name Asia. Together, they released Faminine Mystique, an instrumentally warped, spacious … Continue reading Drab City – “Troubled Girl”

Liv.e – “SirLadyMakemFall”

Dallas-born musician Liv.e, recognized for collaborations with Earl Sweatshirt and Pink Siifu, has been putting out cloudy, funky recordings for the past few years. Her creations have grown in complexity and movement, but her soulful and extensive vocals are the anchor in her ever-evolving landscapes. One in particular—that plays with the power and seduction in … Continue reading Liv.e – “SirLadyMakemFall”

girl in red – “midnight love”

The Norwegian musician has been on the rise for a few years now, her momentum accelerating with each propulsive single and her two EPs Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Melding together dream-pop and garage rock concoctions in her bedroom, Marie Ulven's songs are wistful and passionate. ("bad idea" has been a welcome repeat since it … Continue reading girl in red – “midnight love”

herbal tea – “Garden”

At the moment, while we're all trapped in our own rooms for the foreseeable future, bedroom pop feels painfully intimate and prescient. Its lo-fi warmth wraps around the corners of my room, conjuring an ache for summer's humidity. Certain tracks are imbued with airy nostalgia that feel both comforting and mournful. "Garden," the recent track … Continue reading herbal tea – “Garden”